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kaisa kahu  •  May 09, 2016

Thindividual in Balticlab Contact Book

Recently, Balticlab issued a contacts book incorporating all Estonians that have been taking part of Balticlab. Kaisa Kahu of Thindividual is featured too. in 2014, Kaisa (ET/LV), Andrius (LT), Veera (FI/SV), Kasia (PL/UK) and Henri (ET) aka Team FRÖN won the Balticlab business leadership programme with their prototype of FRÖN, the business development agency for creative industries at the Baltic Sea Region. Balticlab is a joint project and leadership programme by the Council of the Baltic Sea States and the Swedish Institute aimed at increasing integration in the Baltic Sea Region through creativity and entrepreneurship.


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kaisa kahu  •  Jun 26, 2014

Frön pop-up at Almedalen, SWE

Our Frön the business development agency for creative industries, will pop up with a presentation at Almedalensvecka in Sweden June 29 til July 1. Frön is doing fashion and evolved from the Balticlab leadership programme organised by the Swedish Institute and the Council of Baltic Sea States from Dec 2013. With speeches, seminars and other political activities, Almedalensvecka is considered to be the most important forum in Swedish politics, gathering hordes of journalists, lobbyists, local and national politicians and representatives of non-governmental organisations. See this teaser below about Balticlab (Flip-Flop Interactive plus Combustion)! And yes, this is a photo of team Frön (from right: Henri (EE), Kasia (PL/UK), Veera (FI/SV), Andrius (LT), Kaisa (EE/LV, owner of Thindividual). 


Balticlab heads to Almedalen

Press Release, 2 July 2013

"Facelifting the Baltic Sea Region"

On 5 July Balticlab will be at the Swedish annual political forum Almedalen, where in the framework of Balticlab the Council of the Baltic Sea States & the Swedish Insitute, in partnership with the Lithuanian Embassy in Sweden, will be presenting the seminar "Facelifting the Baltic Sea Region".

The seminar carries the slogan “not only men in suits” and the topics of discussion will focus on new actors, perspectives and techonlogies in Baltic Sea regional cooperation. The aim of the seminar is to show how innovative thinking and non-traditional regional actors can rejuvinate existing forms of regional cooperation. 

Along with presentations on the innovative projects developed by the young talent of Balticlab this spring, the seminar will aso be hosting a discussion on the question: How does once strike a balance between continutity and rejuvination in the policy-making that underpins Baltic Sea Region cooperation?

The discussion pannel includes Mr. Oscar Wåglund Söderström, the State Secretary to Minister of EU Affairs Brigitta Ohlsson, Mr. Eitvydas Bajarunas, the Ambassador of Lithuania to the Kingdom of Sweden,  Ms. Helen Nilsson, Head of the Swedish Institute Baltic Sea Unit and Mr. Jan Lundin, the Director-General of the Council of the Baltic Sea States. Comments will also be delievered by Ms. Baiba Liepa from INETRACT Point Turku, Mr. Jan Lundin, the President of the Swedish Travel and Tourism Industry Federation and Mr. Klaush Hahn, COO/Account Director of Volontaire agency in Stockholm.

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kaisa kahu  •  May 14, 2014

Frön. Business development agency for creative industries.

Introducing Frön, a brand new business development agency for creative industries in the Baltic Sea Region. Frön is a team of five and started as a Balticlab project of the Swedish Institute and CBSS, it has online and offline presence (website, industry lookbook, showrooms and workshops). The aim is to increase visibility and sales of fashion industry of the region, and do it with style. Frön = Andrius Lekavicius, Henri Veidenbaum, Kaisa Kahu, Kasia Jezowska and Veera Pakala.

More to follow soon.

3AM at Marriott prep for final pitch
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kaisa kahu  •  Apr 16, 2014

"Get your sh*t together, kids!"

Meanwhile, we have narrowed it down a bit again. End of April, team Frön organized two workshops with Riga and Vilnius fashion designers (ten altogether), to precisely map the situation and understand the needs of industry. Like precisely told by Kasia, "Our vision gets more precise every time we meet". We are planning to meet Polish designers while in Warsaw, let's see how that will change our concept (again).

Vilnius designers workshop

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kaisa kahu  •  Apr 06, 2014  1

Balticlab Tallinn. Narrowing it all down to fashion

After 5 days of intense networking, imputs from many experts, inspirational talks and project refinement, our Balticlab project has shifted, evolved and progressed. Instead of creative industries promotion and matchmaking we decided to narrow our activities down to FASHION only, which makes me happy. I am working together with Keta Gutmane the avant-garde LV designer on everyday basis as her brand manager; through doing and hands-on, I have gained insight to the industry, hence the Balticlab project is an elegant & natural evolvement of this on wider and international scale. We are now team Frön, that’s a working title, „Frön” meaning a „seed” in Swedish. 

can you read this? 

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kaisa kahu  •  Jan 03, 2014

Networking at BalticLab

In the middle of December, Kaisa Kahu the owner of Thindividual visited Stockholm for the BalticLab networking weekend experience organised by Swedish Institute (SI) and the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS). Young, creative minds in the Baltic region can drive innovation and integration. Balticlab brings these minds together in the same space to create and explore new perspectives and sources for inspiration. As the network flourishes, new opportunities for collaboration open up. The lab is seen as a platform allowing young talented individuals from the Baltic Sea Region to create a dynamic cross-disciplinary network and develop future joint projects in the region. The aim is to build a network through looking at creative industries, media collaborations and entrepreneurial perspectives

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